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Covering topics such as governors, legislatures, local government, redistricting and voting.
Under a new ordinance, Internet providers can’t provide better service to wealthier neighborhoods. A 2022 investigation found that households in L.A.’s poorest neighborhoods paid high prices for slow service.
Billions of dollars in tax-sheltered municipal bonds are sold to fund stadiums and arenas that enrich team owners while fueling federal deficits. Local politicians can’t say no, but Congress should.
  • Washington state Sen. Phil Fortunato on withdrawing an amendment which would have created ID cards for those in state custody or care. Under his proposal, those getting cards would have to pick up the cost, rather than the state paying for them. Without missing a beat, Sen. Marko Liias asked, “Can we call her about other amendments?” (KNWN Newsradio — Feb. 24, 2024)
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