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The state government used more than half a million dollars of its $6.24 billion in COVID relief funds to buy SUVs to transport Gov. Phil Murphy and other officials around the state. Here’s how the rest of the money was spent.
The state is the nation’s fourth-largest producer of marketed natural gas, but it powered just 4 percent of the state’s net electricity generation in 2021. The legislation would designate suitable sites for natural gas electric generation projects.
  • GLAAD’s Tony Morrison, regarding the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s proposed guidance to ease restrictions around blood donations by men who have sex with men. The restrictions were set in place in the early days of the AIDS epidemic to protect the blood supply from HIV; the new policy would eliminate time-based restrictions on men who have sex with men (and their female partners) and instead assess potential donors’ eligibility based on a risk assessment. (NPR — Jan. 27, 2023)