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Stresses on urban communities continue to affect housing, food security, child services, homelessness, business development and crime. Coverage includes stories about new solutions to how cities are run, how they develop as urban centers and about the people who live there.
Covering topics such as remote work, union relations and workforce development.
States and localities are having to adjust to a changing climate, establishing new policies, rules and guidelines relating to energy, land use and water rights, as well as responding to emergencies triggered by more intense storms, floods and wildfires.
Covering topics such as governors, legislatures, local government, redistricting and voting.
Covering topics such as affordable housing, food security and child services.
The City Council has approved a plan to move individuals now living along waterways to sites throughout the city over the coming year. The idea is encountering pushback from community members.
Gov. Phil Scott argued that residents need tax cuts, not an increase. Legislators felt they had to act to address increased school spending.