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Covering topics such as abortion, pandemic response, health care policy, public health, substance use and addiction and Medicaid.
The State Employees’ Retirement System has sunk to $34.5 billion, a quarterly decrease of 8.5 percent. The system funds more than 70,000 older state and public school retirees with pension payments that haven’t changed since 2004.
Residential, commercial and industrial buildings account for significant portions of state and local greenhouse gases, including one-third of Seattle’s and nearly 25 percent of Washington state’s emissions.
  • Rep. Ro Khanna, regarding the secure transport industry process known as “gooning,” in which teenagers are forcibly and unexpectedly taken into a vehicle and transported to a boarding school, foster home or treatment center. Sometimes these teens are restrained with handcuffs or zip ties, other times they might be blindfolded or hooded. Criminal charges are rare within the industry due to its lack of regulation, which some lawmakers are trying to change. (Associated Press — Sept. 27, 2022)