New Website Allows Educators to Share Online Resources

Open-source website allows educators to share online resources.
by , | November 11, 2011

State and local school officials will have a new tool at their disposal: the Learning Registry, developed by the U.S. Departments of Education and Defense launched an open-source website designed to allow educators to share online resources.

The website allows to share, rate and consume information about online learning materials, according to an Education Department release. Users can provide their input anonymously, but the information is available to all users and the public.

Users can share both basic data about these resources, such as their grade level, subject area and author, but they can also note how the curriculum aligns with various state and federal standards. Resources can be tailored to specific needs for different users, such as elementary teachers or those who work with migrant students.

Participants can also rate the resources listed, so if someone searches for online classes on beginner French, for example, they could get a full list of online materials in that area, as well as a ranking of those materials, according to a Defense Department release.

"The Learning Registry addresses a real problem in education, by bridging the silos that prevent educators from sharing valuable information and resources," Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement. It is intended to promote innovation in online learning, he said.

The project cost $2.6 million, split evenly between the Education and Defense departments. At its launch, its participants include those departments, a number of online education organizations and the California and Florida state education departments.


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