For perhaps the first time, an intimate knowledge of marijuana -- its consumption, growth and distribution -- isn't going to land you in jail in Washington state. It just might earn you a job with the state government.

The state put out what must be a first-of-its-kind request for proposals (see below) this week, seeking an individual or team of people to work for the state in implementing the legalized pot initiative that voters approved in November.

The requirements are vast: experience in how the drug is grown and harvested; knowledge of how marijuana can be tested for quality assurance; an ability to monitor how pot is being used across the state's geographic areas; and deep familiarity with state and federal regulatory practices.

It's not a job for any pothead: the state wants between three and five years of experience in the four categories. Applicants must submit detailed essays to state officials, explaining how they could fulfill the various needs the job requires.

A spokesperson for the Washington Liquor Board, which would house the position, told CNN Money that a criminal background would not be an automatic disqualifier for the post. It is expected to pay up to $100,000 annually.

According to the proposal, the board hopes to award a contract by March. Under the ballot initiative, the state must finalized its rules and regulations for a commercial mairjuana industry by Dec. 1, 2013.

  Washington Pot Consultant RFP (PDF)
Washington Pot Consultant RFP (Text)