Deep in the Desert, an Experiment in Economic Development

Why businesses and employees from around the country have flocked to the desert in Nevada.

To Reduce Recidivism, New York City Tries a Bold New Approach

The city is eliminating short-term jail sentences for low-level misdemeanors. Other cities will undoubtedly be watching the impact.

As Congress Stalls on Children's Health Insurance, States Warn of Cuts

It's been almost two months since Congress let what's historically been a bipartisan program expire.

Are Your Schools Tracking Absenteeism the Right Way?

Better data is helping schools find new ways to keep kids in classrooms.

The Women Leading the First Study of Diversity in State and Local Government

"Most local governments are run by white men, so there hasn’t needed to be a conversation about what diversity looks like."

Public Health's 'Innovative ... Voice of Reason'

Growing up in a low-income, heavily immigrant neighborhood taught Baltimore's Leana Wen how crucial physical health is to the overall well-being of any community.

Some Police Departments Are Adding Staff for the First Time in Years

But while many cities are beefing up their forces, others are still feeling the effects of the recession.

This May Be the Key to Graduating At-Risk Students

It turns out that how long a mentor sticks around can have a huge impact. One organization is working with schools to follow kids from kindergarten to graduation, and it's expanding to more cities.

A woman helping a homeless veteran on the street.

The Only U.S. Agency Dedicated to Homelessness Could Be Shut Down

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness helped end veteran homelessness in some places and reduce overall homelessness. The White House and House Republicans want it gone.

Amid Opioid Crisis, States Start Embracing Alternative Medicine

Some aren’t just covering yoga and acupuncture but recommending it before prescription drugs.

Despite Slow Revenue Growth, State Spending Is Picking Up

The increase in annual spending is largely due to rising health-care costs and increased investment in transportation.

Is Trump's Presidency Actually Inspiring More Millennials to Run?

Many have predicted it would. But when younger candidates do launch campaigns, it's typically for state or local positions.


20 seconds

Time before a train in Tokyo was scheduled to take off but left the station anyway. The early departure didn't elicit complaints from customers, but the rail company still issued an apology.


Our 2017 Public Officials of the Year

This group of honorees serves as an outstanding example of the strong determination, the bold ideas and the incredible amount of grit it takes to get things done in government.


Smart Procurement for Smart Cities

Building out digital infrastructure raises a host of complex questions, from avoiding obsolescence to sorting through funding options.


First He Reinvented Government. Now He Wants to Reinvent Schools.

In his new book, David Osborne argues the best way to fix the education system is to increase charter schools and create a survival-of-the-fittest system.


A Real Opportunity for Evidence-Based Policymaking

A bipartisan proposal in Congress would go a long way toward helping to build smarter government at every level.

A students shows off her two-day-old baby to some of her high school classmates.

CHIP Isn't the Only Program for Children and Babies That Congress Let Expire

With future federal funding uncertain, states may freeze enrollment in a program that helps at-risk parents care for their newborns.

• Congress Lets CHIP Expire, and States Scramble

In Hard Times, Government Watchdogs Are Often First to Get the Ax

States have significantly fewer people dedicated to eliminating waste, fraud and abuse than they did when the recession started.

States' Financial Practices Get Graded

And the report card isn't good: Most states failed to balance their budgets without resorting to one-time fixes or underfunding pensions, among other violations.

Studies Show Voters Need a Graduate-Level Education to Understand Ballot Measures

Ballot language often spurs confusion and lawsuits. Some state election officials are trying to make them easier to understand.

Since Trump Took Office, State Democrats' Chances Have Improved for 2018

The GOP holds the majority of governorships, but the number of those vulnerable next year has doubled.