The Limits to Trump's Medicaid Freedom for States

The president promised to give states more flexibility on health care. His administration has -- but with some restrictions.

To Pay Minimum Wage or Not? Debate Over Tipped Workers Heads to D.C.

There's a growing movement to eliminate the so-called tip credit for bartenders and servers. Washington, D.C., could be next to outlaw the practice.

For State Budgets, What a Difference 6 Months Make

Thanks in large part to a steady economy, states are finishing 2018 better than they expected.

For New Generation of Black Mayors, Focus Is on Balance

San Francisco just elected its first black female mayor at a time when the number of big-city black mayors has been on the decline. Their leadership style has changed, too.

Think Your State Is Ready for the Next Recession? Better Check This Fund First.

State unemployment insurance trust funds were decimated during the last recession. A decade later, many still don't have the funds to weather the next downturn.

The Architecture Critic Who Wants to Remake Los Angeles

The city's first chief design officer comes to the job from the Los Angeles Times.

Maine Tests a New Way of Voting, and Opts to Keep It

On Tuesday, the state became the first to use ranked-choice voting, a system that could prevent “spoiler” candidates from causing havoc in crowded races.

Beyond Books: How Libraries Are the Latest Front in the Opioid Fight

Libraries across the country are training their staff to administer the drug that can reverse an overdose.

Amid Opioid Crisis, Drug Take-Backs Gain Popularity

A change in federal law lets more than just law enforcement agencies collect unused and unwanted pills.

The Importance (and Neglect) of America's 'Middle Neighborhoods'

When a neighborhood isn't rich -- and isn't poor -- government tends to forget about it.


In Fights Between States and Cities, It's Not Just Red vs. Blue

Preempting local laws is no longer a trend in just conservative states.


What States Can Do to Protect the Affordable Care Act’s Coverage Gains

Congress created a crisis by repealing the federal law's individual mandate. States need to act to hold premiums down and keep more people insured.



What people in Hawaii need to earn to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market prices without spending more than 30 percent of their income on rent. That so-called housing wage is more than any other state's.

Men, women, black and white people smiling. COMMENTARY

Inclusive Growth and the Happiness Factor

Tracking residents' feelings of well-being can guide cities toward policies that create opportunities for everybody.

How Long Can a State Go Without Repairing Roads and Bridges?

Mississippi is about to find out. Decades of neglect have closed hundreds of bridges, putting the state at the forefront of America's infrastructure fight.

Secretary of State Races Are More Competitive and Important Than Ever

Voter ID battles and cybersecurity concerns have intensified and elevated these races. Republicans have more seats -- and the most to lose.

• In Governors Races, Republican Survives in California While Women Thrive Elsewhere

Where Evictions Are Most Common

A new database provides the first-ever national look at evictions. It shows that they happen more often than you think in places you might not expect.

As Storms Worsen, Many Coastal States Aren't Prepared

Lax building codes and poor enforcement are a big problem in some places.

Why Eric Garcetti Thinks America Needs a Mayor in the White House

"It is America's cities that are here, ready to save Washington," says the Los Angeles mayor and potential 2020 candidate.

These Smarter Stoplights Could Be Lifesavers

New traffic signals in Detroit are designed to help pedestrians, cyclists and ambulances get through intersections, while helping traffic planners test safety improvements quickly.

'Medicaid-for-All' Rapidly Gains Interest in the States

More than a dozen states either have or are still considering the idea of letting people buy Medicaid -- regardless of how much money they make.

• Virginia Just Voted to Expand Medicaid. These States Could Be Next.

How to Calculate What Opioid Overdoses Cost Government

New research provides a formula to help cities and counties know what to expect, financially, when drug deaths spike.