As Protests Escalate Under Trump, States Seek New Ways to Deter Them

Stricter rules and penalties for protesting are being considered in nearly half the states.

The Next Big Technology to Transform Government

It's called blockchain. Some say it will have a bigger impact than the internet.

Is Connecticut to Blame for Hartford's Looming Bankruptcy?

The state's way of governing may be causing some of its capital city's financial problems.

5 Obamacare Changes States Want, Ranked From Most to Least Likely to Pass

Although many governors oppose the last-ditch repeal bill, it has some of what they've asked for.

California Poised to Be a 'Sanctuary State.' Will Others Follow?

A couple of other states are considering similar bills. It was an uphill battle -- even in one of the most pro-immigrant states.

• New York Governor Restricts What State Workers Can Say About Immigration

The Key to Winning Down-Ballot Races

A hint: In states, it all starts with the top of the ticket.


Intelligent Automation’s Untapped Potential for Government

Bots and cognitive systems can automate repetitive, routine tasks, freeing humans for more creative work.


Stadium Shutout

Local governments are no longer as willing to take on the risky business of building a ballpark.

To Wipe Out Corruption, Look to Philadelphia

The city went almost a decade without a single corruption scandal. What's its secret?


The Autonomy a School Needs for Success

In transforming its public-education structure and bureaucracy, Indianapolis is showing that there is more than one route to excellence.

Attica Scott Is Tired of Being the 'Angry Black Woman'

The first black woman elected to the Kentucky state House in almost 20 years says she gets the label sometimes for simply speaking her mind.


What Government Can Learn From ‘Best Places’ Employers

The companies that top the rankings have something in common: workplace practices that confirm employees are valued.



States that would face federal funding cuts in 2026 if the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare becomes law. Almost all of them expanded Medicaid. Meanwhile, most of the states that didn't expand Medicaid would see an increase in federal funding.


Drinking Water Isn't Safe for Millions of Americans. It's Up to States to Fix.

A new report documents what environmental advocates say has been happening for decades: The federal government fails to protect Americans from potentially cancer-causing chemicals. And they have little hope that will change anytime soon.

Food Deserts and the Policy Power of Maps

It's hard to fix a problem you can't see. So Maryland made its lack of healthy food options very visible.

(In)Justice From the Inside: Tales From a Woman Embedded in America's Largest Court

"It clearly shows that something is going wrong in that system when a grandmother is raising her hands like she might be shot," says author and professor Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve.

Incomes Are Rising in Most States, Yet Inequality Isn't Improving

The nation's median household income rose 2.4 percent last year, with significant increases in 30 states.

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Thriving Environment, Thriving Community

Fresh air, clean water and open spaces are fundamental pillars of a healthy community.

An empty Sears store.

As U.S. Economy Improves, Cities May Be Headed for Another Downturn

Cities still haven't recovered from the recession, and a new report concludes that they might instead be sliding into another fiscal contraction.

What’s ‘Proportional Voting,’ and Why Is It Making a Comeback?

Most U.S. cities abandoned it in the mid-20th century.


America’s New Front Porches: Public Spaces

They bring people together. We need more of them.


Why Government Watchdogs Are Worried

Budget cuts and political retaliation, they say, are endangering their jobs and their ability to uncover information.

After 2016 Election Hacks, Some States Return to Paper Ballots

It's one of the ways states are trying to address growing concerns about the cybersecurity of voting.

• Top State Officials Join Bipartisan Fight Against Election Hacking