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Workforce Development

Thousands of state employees, nearly 8 percent of the state workforce, have filed for exemption from the vaccine mandate, which includes hundreds of state troopers and prison guards.
Whether they are paving roads damaged by Hurricane Ida or building a next-generation railroad tunnel under the Hudson River, unions, like the Operating Engineers Local 825, expect to be part of the action.
Current and former employees have accused the state trial court system of discriminatory practices due to their race. Some workers alleged they were passed over for promotions for white colleagues who were less qualified.
The Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandate will impact about 170,000 workers, approximately one-third of the state’s workforce, even though Maine has one of the highest vaccination rates in the nation.
When workers own the businesses where they work, the benefits can be broad and deep. But they don’t know how these plans work or how to set one up. That’s where state and local governments can help.
With staffs stressed by the pandemic and threats growing, managed security service providers can bring up-to-date expertise to bear while helping governments hold down costs.
The pay increase would affect about 146 workers and would cost about $300,000 per year. The resolution would make Santa Fe the first government in New Mexico to offer a $15 minimum wage for employees.
Most Americans associate Labor Day with the end of summer. But the holiday was originally a form of worker activism during a period of rapid industrialization. Solidarity, not barbecue, was the buzzword back then.
Federally-assisted unemployment benefits, an extra $300 a week, are set to expire on Sept. 6 and many experts aren’t sure that the end in boosted pay will get people back to work.
The Challenge to Compete Kansas Workforce 2020 report highlights how increasing work experience and apprenticeship opportunities will allow the state to continue to grow. The state will also need to retain young workers.