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A cybersecurity incident on Tuesday has made key parts, including real-time information, of the transportation department’s website inaccessible, causing major disruptions. While some services have been restored, maps and permits are still down.
The city is pumping money into improving its first response to the drug crisis. But finding places where people can receive long-term treatment and recover is still a challenge because many patients refuse help.
The state’s fourth carbon emissions allowances auction brought the program’s revenue to an all-time high in the first year, far outpacing early estimates. The state is still deciding how the money will be spent.
In 1984, about 19,000 volunteer firefighters staffed stations across the state; today, the numbers have decreased to just around 10,000. For many parts of the state, the loss of volunteer teams could have devastating impacts.
They say the Department of Social and Health Services is failing people in the criminal legal system who also have mental health issues.
The city’s air quality index hovered between 170 and 190 on Sunday evening and was ranked the worst in the world as smoke from ongoing wildfires in British Columbia, Eastern Washington and the Cascades enveloped the city.
The city’s Revenue Stabilization Workgroup was tasked with crafting progressive taxes. Here’s what they came up with.
Washington state’s Lower Valley has had excess levels of nitrate in groundwater since the early 90s and in 2017, 20 percent of wells exceeded the state’s drinking water standards.
There are approximately three dozen worker-owned businesses across the state and in nearly every sector of the economy. Experts predict that a new employee-ownership law will only increase that number.
An elite group of wildland firefighters trained to parachute out of planes and into remote areas to fight blazes, in hopes of quickly stopping fires at their source and preventing further damage.
A recent poll found that 52 percent of city residents were optimistic that the city would reduce its homeless population over the next four years, despite the crisis having worsened recently.
Inadequate housing stock is causing problems across the country. Local zoning is part of the problem. State-level reforms in two western states may point to the answer.
The state is facing more than a dozen lawsuits involving at least 180 ex-employees who were allegedly forced from their jobs after asserting religious or other objections to the COVID-19 vaccination mandate.
Gov. Jay Inslee proposed a plan to “transform the state’s mental health system” by 2023, but the state has failed to meet its deadline and the repercussions are frustrating families, advocates and law enforcement.
While improvements could take a decade to complete and cost more than $200 million, officials are hopeful that the city’s downtown transit system can improve its broken and run-down stations to boost ridership.
The state’s first auction for pollution allowances sold all of its nearly 6.2 million allowances, each of which represented one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions. The settlement price was $48.50 per ton.