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Calls to the state’s Employment Security Department were answered just 12.5 percent of the time in December and problems left over from the pandemic continue to backlog the benefits system, delaying relief for residents.
The Washington state Employment Security Department estimates that the state is set to lose as many as 18,000 tech or tech-related jobs over barely two months. But some are hopeful the layoffs will be short-lived.
The race for the state’s 26th Legislative District has attracted more money than any other legislative contest; already PACs across the state have spent more than $12 million this year. Here’s where and why the money is flowing.
Electric vehicles make up an average of 6 percent of new vehicle registrations each month in Washington, double 2020’s monthly average. But a recent poll found that 48 percent of residents do not support a gas-car ban.
While Washington state saw a 16 percent increase in road deaths between 2020 and 2021, Pierce County saw a 34 percent year-to-year jump, alerting officials of the dire need for road safety reform.
The election-denial movement has permeated into the state’s mainstream, perpetuated by leaders of some county GOP organizations and congressional candidates. But not all Republicans are pleased with the theories.
Residential, commercial and industrial buildings account for significant portions of state and local greenhouse gases, including one-third of Seattle’s and nearly 25 percent of Washington state’s emissions.
Washington state has allotted $340 million for the COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund, in which eligible people may apply to receive a check or prepaid card of at least $1,000. Applicants will be accepted until Nov. 14.
The Washington county’s population dropped 4.9 percent between 2010 and 2020 and officials attribute the loss, at least partially, to the geography and the shrinking gold mining industry which the county once relied upon.
The pivot to free fares is one piece of a massive 16-year, nearly $17 billion transportation funding measure passed mostly along party lines during the 2022 legislative session in Olympia, the state's capital.
Washington state officials want voters to have full faith and confidence in the system, as claims of voter fraud and stolen elections continue to lack evidence. Many believe it’s time for Republicans to change their narrative.
Nonpartisan Julie Anderson has edged out the Republican candidates and will face Democratic, appointed incumbent Steve Hobbs in the November election. Hobbs won the primary by a wide margin.
The state supreme court issued a unanimous ruling this week that said the state isn’t required to maximize revenue on state land, giving agencies and lawmakers more discretion for interpreting the law.
A new statewide poll found that Democratic, Republican and Independent voters all considered inflation to be a top issue ahead of the November election and 41 percent of respondents younger than 34 years old prioritized abortion.
There are eight candidates hoping to replace Kim Wyman’s position and serve out the remainder of her term, which ends in 2024. Voters will elect the next Secretary of State in November’s election.