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Two Native American communities have received 2023 Culture of Health awards from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Their work is rooted in reviving practices outside forces had disrupted.
The 40 COVID-19 deaths reported in Minnesota in June make up the lowest monthly total since March 2020. The state's overall toll is 14,896 — with seniors accounting for 83 percent of the deaths.
The handful of new laws include a ban on non-compete clauses, a requirement to address increasing violence against health-care workers and an expansion of voting allowances for incarcerated individuals.
The state's new transportation bill, backed by Democratic-Farmer-Labor leaders who control the state Legislature and governor's office, will require agencies to pursue projects that reduce carbon emissions.
Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party won full control of the state Legislature and governor’s office, and is using the opportunity to make big investments in transportation.
President Biden signed an executive order last year mandating federal agents to start wearing body cameras in an attempt to restore public trust in law enforcement, but the majority of agents in Minnesota still aren’t wearing them.
The audit focuses on 11 broad categories to analyze, including the department’s recruiting, hiring and personnel practices, training on interracial relations, BIPOC community relations, immigrant and refugee populations. More will likely be completed in June.
In 2021, the share of manufacturing employees across the state who were younger than 45 years old was at its highest level in at least a decade, at more than 52 percent. Some hope the negative stereotypes about the industry are changing.
The unanimous vote means that the public will soon be able to see the 114-page agreement between the city and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, which restricts a number of aggressive police tactics.
Proposed legislation would abolish less than minimum wages for people with disabilities by August 2025. Minnesota has the third highest number of workers earning subminimum wages in the nation.
Metro Transit just opened the fifth bus rapid transit line in the Twin Cities. Advocates are hoping for many more.
The party took control of both chambers in Michigan and the Minnesota Senate. This may be the first time the president’s party has gained legislative seats in 20 years.
The state aims to have 1 out of every 5 vehicles on its roads electric by 2030, yet less than 1 percent of registered vehicles in the state are EVs and just 10 school buses and eight public transit buses are electric.
After her primary race win, Finke will face Republican Trace Johnson in November. Currently there are just eight out trans lawmakers in America among the more than 7,300 state legislators across the nation.
Most of the remaining funds have been earmarked by cities, townships and counties for community projects to address broadband access, housing, workforce development and other needs. But some worry about the debt repayment.