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The governor promised to make preschool available to every family in Illinois that wanted it but did not lay out details for the pledge. One report estimates it would cost $505 million to enroll low-income children alone in pre-K.
Nabeela Syed and Brad Fritts will be sworn in as state representatives this month and both will be just 23 years old, marking the advent of Gen Z into the Legislature. Syed is a Democrat and Fritts is a Republican.
A new bill would ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and limit gun accessibility for those under 21. A sweeping federal complaint has been filed in the state court system in the wake of the Highland Park shooting.
Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced a bipartisan agreement to fill the financial hole in the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund, which once stood at $4.5 billion, that was depleted by the pandemic.
In the final session of the year, lawmakers will consider changes to the controversial criminal justice law aimed at improving police accountability and an equitable justice system.
Two of the state's Supreme Court seats are up for election, enough to sway the political majority to the GOP for the first time in more than 50 years. While the candidates claim impartiality, large funding may argue otherwise.
The 88-year-old Democrat is retiring from his long-standing role as secretary of state, giving Illinois voters fresh choices to lead the statewide operation with more than 4,000 employees.
Brown County, Ill., officials and justice system officers are voicing concerns over a change to the Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equality-Today Act that would do away with the state’s cash bail system.
Since the state’s red flag law went into effect in 2019, just 228 firearm restraining orders have been granted across the state and 21 in Lake County, home to Highland Park. Some believe more training could increase those numbers.
The state has partnered with Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan to build a 1,000-mile electric vehicle charging circuit along a scenic Lake Michigan tourism route. The network is expected to be completed over the next few years.
Overly broad “reform” jeopardizes the public and disadvantages hardworking professionals. There is a better path toward balanced, rational and methodical licensing.