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Federal Aid

A new study found New Mexico’s renewable energy sector could contribute a multibillion-dollar boost and thousands of jobs to the state’s economy if it receives federal stimulus investments.
Small businesses need affordable commercial space. Federal stimulus funds offer the chance for local governments to get involved in a variety of ways — including becoming landlords themselves.
Due to high state tax collections and large amounts of federal aid, many state legislatures are experiencing massive budget surpluses. But some lawmakers want to start planning for the inevitable downturn now.
Washington is sending cities a gigantic fiscal gift. They have to produce results. The danger is that the money will be squandered. Republicans are watching all that generosity with skepticism.
The state capital has a modest-sized transit system, so taking out the farebox during the pandemic was easy and so far everyone likes the outcome. But making free bus service financially sustainable could be harder.
The U.S. Small Business Administration announced nearly $68 million worth of COVID relief grants to venues in the Baltimore region. Many of the theaters and museums have been closed since the pandemic started.
Downtowns thrive when small-scale manufacturing is prioritized, and the ownership of those businesses is diverse. Federal recovery funds can go a long way toward helping this vital sector.
The federal government sent a lot of money to states to help with an anticipated COVID-related economic downturn. Turns out, states did not need that much money – but they may spend it anyway.
Housing advocates agree that California’s Project Homekey had a significant impact on the Fresno community, but there is still more that must be done to ensure all residents have safe, affordable housing options.
Many of the state’s towns and cities have yet to receive their American Rescue Plan Act funds and are still considering how the money would best be spent. The funds must be spent before 2026.