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Emergency Management

An analysis of nearly 92,000 Road Home grants statewide found that the program to help homeowners rebuild after hurricanes Katrina and Rita gave more funding to wealthier neighborhoods than low-income ones.
Research suggesting the 2020 California wildfires could have erased years of benefits from the state’s climate efforts has attracted international attention. Forest ecologists say it’s not that simple.
Even though mental illness is just as pervasive in rural communities, crisis response teams have been slow to grow beyond cities partly due to a lack of resources. Unfortunately, there's not a simple solution.
Burnout, retirements and uncompetitive salaries have exacerbated a growing scarcity of workers in critical job positions for managing infrastructure, transit and disaster preparedness.
As one western Florida community celebrates the success of a program to restore what Hurricane Michael took from it, others brace for a storm projected to be among the most damaging to ever strike the state.
Water pressure is back in Mississippi's capital but it's still not safe to drink. Residents have been through this so many times that they've learned how to cope. That doesn't mean they're happy.
It can happen anywhere, and it will fall to the mayor to be the “communicator in chief,” setting the tone for the traumatized community’s immediate response and long-term recovery. The time to prepare is now, and resources are available.
As natural disasters grow more severe across the country, local governments are increasingly using predictive analytics to understand where and when an emergency will impact their communities.
Mayfield was devastated last December when a tornado ripped through Western Kentucky. New homes are starting to spring up, though, and the city's got big plans for reshaping itself.
Nearly 35 states have ended their health emergency declarations, which have given governors authority to mandate pandemic mitigation measures, and most of those remaining are set to expire before August.
Two lawsuits, one wrongful death and the other emotional distress, have been filed against Amazon for the company’s actions before and after a tornado hit one of its warehouses in Edwardsville, Ill., in December, killing six.
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is expecting a high demand for energy this weekend as weather forecasts predict potentially record-breaking temperatures this weekend in regions across the state.
AI can map fire perimeters in minutes, rather than hours, and can predict a wildfire’s speed and direction. But emphasis on preventative instead of reactive efforts would be more impactful, say fire experts.
The ballot initiative would tax residents making more than $2 million a year and use the funds to help the state curb wildfire, smoke and other air pollution. But some say the measure is overkill, given the state’s ambitious climate plans.
It’s not a household name, but it’s a place with a distinct culture and a raft of economic opportunities.
Residents across the Maryland county are reporting instances in which they are forced to wait several minutes before they’re connected with a 911 operator. Improving call center retention and efficiency could help alleviate the issue.