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Emergency Management

The Florida county has begun using a drone to spray hard-to-reach areas to control mosquito populations more efficiently. Already in 2024, there have been seven cases of locally- acquired dengue virus.
The Petroleum Products Corporation Superfund site in Pembroke Park acted as a dumping ground for an oil-processing and refining facility from 1957 to 1971. Now it’s one of the nation’s worst hazardous waste dumps.
Climate and weather disasters are more frequent and more costly. What can be done to keep insurers viable and property owners protected?
The Army Corps of Engineers is expected to have the Port of Baltimore’s main channel fully open by June 10. To meet the deadline, large pieces of the Key Bridge’s steel truss must be removed from the waterway to ensure boat safety.
Some conservatives want Washington to stay out of disaster zones, leaving the job to states and localities, along with private insurance. This won't fly politically or practically.
California has long relied on its prison population to battle wildfires. But a steady decline in the state’s incarcerated population and a $45 billion budget shortfall has left the state with gaps when it comes to wildfire response.
A massive storm pummeled the state with strong winds and heavy rain, causing widespread destruction, impassable roads and the deaths of four residents. The state, 14 counties and five cities declared a state of emergency.
Increasing climate risks are spiking demand for weather technology as businesses try to protect themselves against changing climate and social norms.
Wind gusts of 40 to 60 mph contributed to multiple power outages across the Colorado Springs area that left thousands without power and resulted in multiple school closures on Monday.
Louisianans across the state are being forced to decide whether to buy insurance policy from small businesses that may fail during the next big storm or buy from Louisiana Citizens, a state-backed insurer that offers costlier premiums.
It will be one of the most noticeable ways climate change threatens human health in the years to come. It could cause as many as 27,800 U.S. deaths per year by 2050.
This year’s relatively snowless winter followed the record-setting season last year, when 93 inches of snow fell onto the city. The city budgets based on average snowfall, but the average is changing, forcing officials to revisit plans.
Maryland legislators are taking steps to protect workers and businesses affected by the port and highway closure. There are broader, indirect effects, however, that are creating additional uncertainty.
It also may harm forests’ ability to adapt to climate change and effect the way plants and animals interact with fire.
The Maryland Protecting Opportunities and Regional Trade Act went into effect immediately after Gov. Wes Moore signed it. The program will assist workers and businesses affected by the Key Bridge collapse.
Researchers predict there will be 11 hurricanes, five of which will reach major hurricane strength, and 23 named storms due to a historically warm Atlantic Ocean and probable La Niña conditions.