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Ken Paxton has filed lawsuits against Fisco, Denison and Castleberry school districts, alleging that they violated election law when officials suggested voting for candidates who oppose school vouchers.
A conservative coalition is hoping to make private school choice universally available in half the states by the end of 2025.
Charleston exemplifies an infill strategy that produces attractive new houses and greater density, but comes up short on affordability.
About 41,700 speeding citations were issued in 10 of the city’s school zones during the first three months of the program, which started in September. In one South Atlanta zone alone, more than 15,800 citations were issued.
The initiative will run in eight schools and hopes to boost performance, especially among Black and economically disadvantaged students. More than 40 percent of Atlanta third graders were reading below grade level last year.
What you need to get up to speed in terms of how state lawmakers are addressing education, energy, health, housing and even international affairs.
The overdose reversal medication is only required in larger high schools under current law. The bill is a response to rising opioid-related deaths among young people.
Tech entrepreneurs make the case that government and big tech will both benefit by sharing a focus on the public good.
Washington provided $800 billion in pandemic relief. With most of that money spent, states now face major funding gaps for Medicaid, while school districts, child care providers and transit agencies are also struggling.
The state has settled a lawsuit filed on behalf of low-income students of color from Oakland and L.A. They claimed the state offered insufficient support for remote learning.
Culture-war conflicts obscure our neglect of a responsibility for holistic, constructive legislative oversight of public higher education. Lawmakers should hold governing boards accountable for meeting the needs of their students.
The Georgia county school district didn’t apply for the EPA’s Clean School Bus Grant Program and hasn’t signaled any interest in applying in the future. Officials say the limited mileage range and charging requirements would cause significant route delays.
Public universities are under siege in too many places as elected officials move to install new leaders and limit what can be taught. Educational institutions should be safe for learning and as incubators for democracy.
Nationally, K-12 schools enacted 3,362 book bans during the 2022-2023 school year as part of a growing surge in censorship. Florida school districts accounted for more than 40 percent of those bans.
The Maryland county has handed out more than 200 Chromebook laptops as part of a program that aims to bridge digital and Internet access gaps. In total, the county will give out 7,000 laptops from 16 public library locations.
Fifteen states are not participating in a program to provide meals to school-age children over the summer, due to administrative costs or ideological opposition.