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Gov. Ned Lamont announced this week that thousands of residents will see their cannabis possession convictions either fully or partially erased as part of the 2021 law that legalized use of the substance.
Ned Lamont and Bob Stefanowski spent more than $30 million, a record-breaking amount. But the high expenditure may trigger a review of the state’s election spending limits.
In the first year that the state legalized online gambling and sports betting, the state earned $41 million in tax revenue, which is much higher than expectations but much less than the profits of two of the state’s casinos.
A short-term funding bill from Congress could allot as much as $1 billion to help low-income Americans offset home heating assistance amid rising energy costs. If approved, Connecticut could receive $20 million.
The money will be used to build upon the state’s existing base of electric vehicle chargers over the next two years. The Department of Energy listed nearly 1,300 public chargers across the state at 465 designated stations.
The National Association for Gun Rights has challenged the constitutionality of the state’s bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Democrats are digging in their heels and fighting for more protections.
Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski criticized Gov. Ned Lamont over the lack of transparency and the increasing costs of the offshore wind redevelopment project in New London.
Approximately 50 voting machines across the state malfunctioned during last week’s primary election from high temperatures, some of which partially melted. Many poll workers also experienced heat-related illness.
Several local governments across the state will implement four-day workweeks as a way to attract workers who are returning to the post-pandemic workforce and seeking better work-life balance.
The state is receiving $119 million from the U.S. Treasury’s State Small Business Credit Initiative and will invest in supporting women and minority entrepreneurs as well as businesses that focus on cleaner energy and climate resiliency.
Gov. Ned Lamont announced that six more express trains would be added to the New Haven line and seven new weekday trains to the Waterbury branch. The additions come as $5 billion in federal infrastructure funds are headed to the state.