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The bill would make it a crime to request, obtain, deliver or prefill an absentee ballot application for another voter, with some exceptions. The state’s annual legislative session ends Tuesday.
The vote will determine whether Madison, Ala., should transition from a mayor-council format to a council-manager format, which is unusual for the state. If approved, the city will have until 2025 to make the transition.
The state is one of nine with a female governor and has elected its first female U.S. Senator. But women will make up only 17 percent of the Legislature next year. Alabama ranked 47th in female state legislators in 2022.
A study from the Center for Legislative Accountability found that the state’s legislature voted conservatively in 74 percent of votes the report tracked. The 2023 legislative session will begin in March.
A museum and memorial in a onetime Confederate capital preserve the memories of slavery, lynching and Jim Crow. Yet too much of that past is still around us.
The interstate voter registration center cross-checks information with other states’ databases to help identify voter fraud. But the secretary of state-elect will withdraw Alabama to protect personal data.
Only 38.5 percent of residents cast ballots for Tuesday’s election, which reflects a declining interest in non-presidential elections across the state over the past two years. Even larger counties only saw about 40 percent participation.
Twice-daily service between New Orleans and Mobile, Ala., would boost travel alternatives, help the economy and attract tourism dollars. But finalizing a deal with the freight operators that own the tracks has proven difficult.
A report from the HHS showed that 44,000 residents would lose state health insurance coverage entirely while 24,000 would lose subsidies if the tax credits were not extended through the legislative package.
New research found that improving gender equity across the state would increase the state’s income by $15.4 billion and would create 59,000 new jobs. Women earn less than men in every county except Greene.
Several other states are offering residents some form of tax relief to help deal with the financial strains of inflation, but Alabama has nothing planned and the Legislature doesn’t reconvene until March.