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Rounding Up Cybersecurity Experts in LAX, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey

Hackers take advantage of poor IT security practices to steal data and take down systems.

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Cybersecurity is a concern for every business. Hackers take advantage of poor IT security practices to steal data and take down systems. Without a reliable infrastructure, companies face problems with productivity and accomplishing their goals. Local cybersecurity experts provide essential services and consultation for preventing attacks and minimizing the potential for a breach. There are several benefits to working with a service provider who's local to Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, and the LAX area.

Get In-Person Assistance

Sometimes companies require in-person help with their cybersecurity needs. For example, deploying new equipment or looking at the physical defenses of an office requires experts to come to the office. They can evaluate the needs of the company and provide extra assistance to the in-house IT team when necessary. It's also faster to ask questions and have a conversation in-person than it would be over the phone, email or video conferencing. If a company was working on setting up secure VPN servers or a virtual private network, the IT team could discuss the deployment with the cybersecurity specialist without waiting around for them to answer a meeting request.

Fast Response in Emergencies

When a data breach occurs or an intrusion happens, companies need to act quickly. If they're waiting for hours for their IT security service provider to show up, they might face more severe problems during this situation. They can be a part of the disaster recovery team that gets the company's systems back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Operating in the Same Time Zone

Another benefit to working with local IT security providers is that they have the same business hours as the clients they serve. Trying to coordinate service and support with a provider that has a three-hour time difference can be an exercise in frustration. In the worst-case scenario, this situation could lead to a devastating and long-lasting impact on the organization. While around-the-clock coverage is advantageous for monitoring the network for threats, it's always good to have someone local for timely responses during the business day when operations would suffer the most from an outage.

Connections with Local Vendors

Local IT security companies have a strong network of local vendors for equipment, software and services that are helpful to have on hand. Their relationship with these vendors can lead to a company receiving favorable rates on servers, workstations, computer accessories and other useful resources. They may know of other managed IT services companies that specialize in areas that the company needs help with. Trying to recruit and retain skilled IT workers is hard in competitive marketplaces, and they have a lot of options in the LAX area. By working with service providers and having long-term agreements in place, organizations can get the IT talent they need without facing a lot of overhead expenses.

Reduced Travel Fees

Since the local cybersecurity experts aren't flying in or driving for hours to get to the job site, the travel fees are drastically reduced. Depending on the amount of on-site help needed by the organization, these savings can make up a substantial amount for the cybersecurity budget.

Cybersecurity Experts in LAX, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey

Here are several local cybersecurity experts and companies to reach out to when businesses need help securing their infrastructure and protecting their data.


  • Method Technologies: This network security provider offers a range of services to keep organizations safe from attack. They use a comprehensive approach that examines the network for all attack vectors and hardens it against vulnerabilities. Website and content filtering, firewalls, malware protection and security management provide a systemic approach to preventing intruders and limiting access to sensitive information.
  • Los Angeles Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association: ISSA-LA has multiple meetings per month discussing information security and how to improve cybersecurity practices in the Los Angeles IT community. For organizations that have an in-house IT security team, sending the employees to these meetings can equip them with the latest skills and knowledge needed to stay ahead of cybercriminals. They hold five lunch meetings and six dinner meetings per month. They also have an Annual Information Security Summit. This group also has information security courses available for members and information security management awareness programs.
  • LA Cyberlab: The Los Angeles Cyber Lab is a valuable resource for L.A.-based businesses looking for ways to improve their cybersecurity. This is a nonprofit organization that acts as a public-private partnership between the city of Los Angeles and local businesses. The city government shares data about cybersecurity threats and intelligence that it and its partners collect. This data can help businesses protect against similar threats and discover new trends in attacks. The organization also provides many useful tools for L.A. businesses and provides awareness that helps companies understand their risk profile. The data that this organization offers is designed for importing directly into popular cybersecurity solutions, and it's available at zero cost.
  • Swift Chip: Swift Chip is a managed IT security provider that offers end-to-end solutions for protecting businesses. Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, IT policy review and development services, IT security audits, social engineering testing and security incident and event management are among the many ways that they help businesses better protect themselves from modern threats. These comprehensive IT security services do more than just diagnose problems. They set companies up for a more secure environment and equip front-line employees with the awareness they need to thwart social engineering-based attacks.
  • NIC: This Santa Monica-based managed IT support company focuses on creating an individualized plan for all of its clients. The team pays close attention to compliance and team training to address many common vulnerability points that businesses deal with. This managed services provider also offers disaster recovery, IT support and cloud services.

Local cybersecurity partners are worth their weight in gold, especially when disaster strikes and a company needs help immediately. These resources help LAX, Santa Monica, Venice and Marina Del Rey businesses stop cybercrime from costing them thousands or millions of dollars throughout the year.

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