Penn. Public Officials Fill in for Newspaper Cartoonist

Philadelphia Daily News cartoonist Signe Wilkinson offered to let public officials like Mayor Michael Nutter fill in while she was away from work.
December 20, 2011

Philadelphia Daily News cartoonist Signe Wilkinson made an offer to a few state and local officials to draw the daily cartoon while she's on vacation, reports media blogger Jim Romanesko.

Wilkinson told Romanesko in an email that she told officials they could draw whatever they want, even taking on herself and her newspaper if they'd like. So far, Mayor Michael Nutter and State Rep. Dwight Evans have chosen not to do that. For Monday's paper, Nutter drew a cleanup crew, sweeping up truancy, unemployment and gun violence, calling themselves "the Fightin' Phils for a brighter future."

In Tuesday's cartoon, Rep. Evans had Monna Morton draw graduates asking "Where's our piece of the pie [jobs]?"  while men representing the World Bank, big banks and Wall Street licking their fingers and asking "What pie?"

Philadelphia City Councilwoman Marian Tasco and Acting Sheriff Barbara Deeley will fill in for Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The cartoons can be found on the Daily News' opinions page and on Wilkinson's Facebook page.


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