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Safe Drug Injection Sites Are Coming to America. Canada Has Had Them for Years.

BY Mattie Quinn

These clinics have radically changed how addicts are treated and reduced opioid overdoses in other countries. But the U.S. cities trying to open one are facing intense pushback.



Eric Holcomb’s Winning Political Strategy: Play Nice

The Republican governor of Indiana has quietly become one of the most effective and popular state leaders in the country. BY

The Revival of a Once-Bustling Airport

The airline industry has changed, forcing cities to rethink the role their airports play. Pittsburgh has. BY
Politics & Elections

Liberal Hollywood and Conservative Politics Clash in America's New Filmmaking Hub

Elite actors are threatening to boycott Georgia over a heartbeat abortion bill, endangering the state's a-list status among major TV and movie productions. BY

Mold, Rats and No Hot Water: Will Federal Oversight Improve Public Housing in New York?

The city keeps getting slapped for the poor condition of its public housing. Nothing has changed so far. BY



Should Cities Regulate How You Design Your Home?

One state tried to remove local governments' power to dictate things like paint colors. BY

In Wake of Scandals, 2 Major Cities May Curb Politicians' Power

Councilmembers in Chicago and Philadelphia, which give them unusual amounts of authority, are facing criminal charges. BY

The Go-To Lawyer for Governors Facing Impeachment

Ross Garber is the man to call when state leaders are in political peril. BY

St. Louis Scraps Potential City-County Merger

In the face of widespread opposition and the guilty plea of a top supporter, proponents of a single metro government have put their plans on hold. BY

Does a City Need a Mayor?

Well-run governments must have clear lines of leadership. Just ask Pueblo, Colo. BY

Signs of Hope for the Media Industry

Its problems didn't start with Trump, but he ironically may be helping to turn some of them around. BY

After Living in 30 U.S. Cities in 3 Years, Here’s What I Learned

How housing shortages, NIMBYism and traffic are reshaping America. BY

Do Tax Breaks Help or Hurt a State’s Finances? New Study Digs Deep.

What's likely the most comprehensive research of its kind doesn't bode well for tax incentives. BY



Performance Management Does Away With the Whip

The way governments are measuring results is becoming kinder -- and more effective. BY
On Leadership

This Republican Has a Good Point About Going Green

For sustainability to be successful, it must also be affordable. Spokane, Wash.'s mayor thinks it can be. BY

The Education Investment States Should Be Making

As the idea of "free college" gains popularity, Virginia and Iowa are instead focused on career and technical education. BY

What YIMBYs Get Wrong About Housing

Building anything anywhere is a short-sighted approach to fixing the affordability crisis. BY

Most Police Still Don't Carry the Drug That Reverses an Overdose

Due to the high cost of naloxone, only a fraction of the nation’s police departments equip their officers with it. BY

Is New York’s Plan to Fight Rising Sea Levels a Model for Other Cities?

“They’re trying to think from a new perspective. My hope is that we’ll see more of this boldness.” BY

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