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Alan Greenblatt

Senior Staff Writer

Alan Greenblatt -- Senior Staff Writer. Alan covers politics as well as policy issues for Governing. He is the coauthor of a standard textbook on state and local governments. He previously worked as a reporter for NPR and CQ and has written about politics and culture for many other outlets, print and online. He can be found on Twitter at @AlanGreenblatt.

California's Democratic governor survived a GOP challenge. That doesn't mean recalls are going away. Technology has made it easier to motivate voters and raise funds nationally.
The Census Bureau was late generating the numbers, but legislators have seized the opportunity to produce maps in record time with minimal input.
There have been plenty of failures along the way, but there’s no question coordination between levels of government has improved over the past 20 years, along with security capabilities for blocking catastrophic attacks.
New state laws empower citizens to take the law into their own hands when it comes to abortion and elections. They're only the latest manifestation of rage against government itself.
Selma was a crucible of the civil rights movement. That brings visitors, but residents and businesses have fled the Alabama town.
Republicans can’t wait to vote out California’s governor. Democrats have been less engaged, which points to potential problems for the party in next year’s midterms.
Health departments are battling not only rising COVID-19 caseloads but restrictions, complaints and second-guessing from politicians and the public.
In the past 20 years, most governors who have resigned got caught in sex scandals of one sort or another.
A report issued by the state attorney general’s office finds that New York’s governor repeatedly touched women and created a culture of retribution.
Unlike last year, kids will be in classrooms almost everywhere. Politics will interfere with safety measures to protect them against the delta variant, notably mask mandates.