Beth Simone Noveck was appointed by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy in August 2018 as the state's first chief innovation officer. She also directs the Governance Lab at New York University and its MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance, and is the Jerry M. Hultin Global Network Professor at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. From 2009 to 2011, she served in the White House as the nation's first deputy chief technology officer and director of the White House Open Government Initiative.

A graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School, Noveck is the author of Smart Citizens, Smarter State: the Technologies of Expertise and the Future of Governing and Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger and Citizens More Powerful.

March 22, 2018

Why Policymakers Should Learn to Be Data Analysts

To get the most out of evidence-based governing, they need training. More and more, it's becoming available.
December 13, 2017

The Policy Labs We Urgently Need

When it comes to evidence-based policymaking, states are out ahead of the feds. These efforts to turn data into insights should be expanded.
February 1, 2017

The Power of Networking in Reforming Criminal Justice

A new knowledge-exchange platform aims to bring collaboration to bear on efforts to improve the use of data.
January 11, 2016

The Innovation the Grantmaking Process Needs

The way governments give out money to solve problems is stuck in the past.
December 17, 2015

The City Where Citizens Teach Government Workers How to Run the Government

Brazil's largest city is embarking on an ambitious experiment to educate its public employees on the benefits of transparency.
August 17, 2015

Automatic Benefits: Reducing Red Tape, Improving Lives

By making better use of the data they already have, governments could dramatically improve service delivery.
June 3, 2015

The Data That’s Hiding in Plain Sight

Improving state oversight of nonprofits is just one way that accessible, computer-friendly data could make governance better.
March 11, 2015

Participatory Democracy’s Emerging Tools

What started as groupware in the business world is providing better ways for governments to collaborate with citizens.
November 18, 2014

Measuring the Impact of Public Innovation in the Wild

A foundation-backed "research institution without walls" is studying new strategies for tackling tough problems.
August 19, 2014

Technology’s Crucial Role in the Fight Against Hunger

Crowdsourcing, predictive analytics and other new tools could go far toward finding innovative solutions for America's food insecurity.
April 14, 2014

The Technology We Need to Protect Children

It's critical to give caseworkers and everybody else involved in protecting kids a complete, shared picture of every vulnerable child's life.