Emergency Communications: Cutting Through the Static

September 10
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Four years after Hurricane Katrina once again showcased the need for interoperable communications among first responders at all levels of government, plans for a nationwide broadband network for emergency agencies are still garbled by institutional static. Join GOVERNING and senior executives in state and local government as they explore plans and possibilities for emergency communications that work.

  • What is the status of the FCC's plans for pairing the public and private sectors to make available needed frequencies?
  • What has been the response to requests from several states and large municipal regions seeking waivers to begin deploying their own high-speed communications networks in advance of a new nationwide system?
  • How close are states and communities to agreeing on standards that will guarantee that one-off networks will interoperate with each other and with a future national network?


Steve JenningsSteven W. Jennings
Chief Information Officer
Harris County, Texas


Bill SchrierBill Schrier
Chief Technology Officer
City of Seattle


Chris SwopeChristopher Swope (moderator)
Managing Editor


Sharon Montgomery
Vice President, Government and Education Solutions
Qwest Communications