Drinking on the Job? Democratic Nebraska Governor Hopeful Denies the Allegations.

September 19, 2018 AT 10:30 AM

By The Associated Press 

Nebraska Republican officials Monday accused Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist of drinking on the job as a state senator and implied that he drove while intoxicated, allegations that state investigators dismissed and that Krist fervently denies.

The Nebraska Republican Party released videos that show Krist at Billy’s Restaurant, a popular Lincoln hangout for legislators and lobbyists.

One video dated March 23 shows Krist at a table with a beverage , chatting with another state senator. Another dated May 7 shows him behind the bar at the restaurant , facing away from the camera and appearing to fix a drink. A third video dated May 7 shows Krist getting into his car outside the restaurant with a to-go cup.

It’s not known if the dates listed on the video titles are accurate.

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