Oregon Governor Signs 12-Week Family and Medical Leave Bill

August 12, 2019 AT 8:01 AM

By Aris Folley

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) signed legislation Friday that gives residents 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave and offers low-income workers full wage replacement benefits in a historic first, The Oregonian reported.

House Bill 2005, which is being hailed by backers as the country’s "most progressive" family leave policy, will allow workers to will receive up to 12 weeks of paid time off that can be “used to care for a new baby, recover from a serious illness, or support newly adopted or foster children,” Brown’s office said in a release.

The office also added that the bill will provide victims of domestic violence with paid time off and “guarantees 100% of wages to low-income workers.” According to The Oregonian, the legislation makes Oregon the first state in the nation to offer low-income workers full wage replacement benefits.

But the law does also provide stipulations for those earning more than the average weekly wage.

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