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California has the nation’s strictest gun control laws, yet the state’s capital city experienced its deadliest shooting ever this weekend, leaving six dead and 12 wounded. Gun control activists wonder what more can be done.
Colorado is now one of eight states that allow local governments to pass gun ordinances that are tighter than state restrictions. Lawmakers in other states are looking to follow Colorado and repeal their own preemption laws.
Analysts attribute the surge in background checks for firearm purchases to a fear of COVID-related closures, a summer of protests and a contentious presidential election in the fall. But the increase in purchases has created shortages.
At issue is the right to carry handguns in public, not just keep them at home. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Nov. 3.
The proposed California bill would have created excise taxes on the sale of new guns and would have raised more than $100 million annually for gun violence prevention programs. It failed by nine votes.
It's been with us for nearly four decades, but we still can't definitively answer the question of whether it prevents crime in our cities.