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Some are advocating bringing it back. But it doesn’t get many guns off the streets, it exacts a heavy toll on those who are stopped, and it corrodes trust in police.
Research shows that mass violence leads to higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide among young people and an overall decline in a community’s sense of well-being. “People really grossly underestimate the social cost of gun violence.”
After the Civil War, white Southern leaders anchored the protection of their way of life in the private ownership of firearms. Piggybacking on American mobility, those ideas migrated out of the South.
We've made it far too easy for minor disputes to erupt into deadly violence. Rather than simply throwing more money at police, we need to get serious about mental health treatment, mediation and other approaches that can save lives.
Voters will be asked to make it a "fundamental individual right" to keep and bear arms, and that any restraint on that right is invalid. But firearms remain the primary cause of death in domestic violence homicides.
Gun suicide rates in American cities are going up, according to a new analysis of CDC data. The numbers are highest in states with the fewest gun laws.
The National Association for Gun Rights has challenged the constitutionality of the state’s bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Democrats are digging in their heels and fighting for more protections.
The vast majority of ghost guns recovered by law enforcement nationwide are built from parts made by Polymer80, which has managed to evade laws forbidding the manufacture of unserialized gun parts.
Firearms researchers have tied gun shows to illegal purchases and ghost guns. California is the first state to end the shows on state property. Officials hope the ban helps lay the groundwork for other states.
Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and former Arizona Congressmember Gabby Giffords partnered to open a new phone bank location in Santa Fe and spoke against gun violence at events across the state.
Since the state’s red flag law went into effect in 2019, just 228 firearm restraining orders have been granted across the state and 21 in Lake County, home to Highland Park. Some believe more training could increase those numbers.
Ohio gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley has weaponized the anniversary of the 2019 Oregon District mass shooting to highlight Gov. Mike DeWine’s inaction against gun violence. DeWine criticized Whaley’s politicization of the anniversary.
The legislation, which responds to the Supreme Court ruling last month that struck down a New York gun control law, prohibits a person from receiving a license to carry a firearm if there is reliable or credible risk of public safety.
With fatal shootings at historic levels, Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency on July 21 and hopes to reduce the violence by 10 percent over the next two years.
In the end, we don’t know what kind of treatment might change the behavior of disturbed young people who believe society is out to get them.