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On Thursday, the Court sided with Sylvia Gonzalez, a former councilmember in a San Antonio suburb, who spent a night in jail after criticizing the city manager.
The court is considering whether criminal penalties for sleeping in public places amount to cruel and unusual punishment. But no ruling on the issues before the high court will change the nature or scope of the problem.
As several states propose child marriage bans, Missouri state Sen. Holly Thompson Rehder hopes that she can use her experiences to encourage a shift in her state’s legislation.
Gov. Tim Walz appointed Theodora Gaïtas and Sarah Hennesy to the state’s highest court on Monday. When Gaïtas and Hennesy join the court, Walz will have selected four of the seven justices.
Supreme court justices in several states have been ruling in cases where conflicts of interest seem clear, including some involving family members. It doesn’t look good at a time of plummeting faith in the judiciary.
The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on Monday for a case that challenges the bribery statute and could shape the future of Illinois politics. A decision is expected by late June.
Last year, 332,000 hearings occurred without a court reporter or an electronic recording device in Los Angeles County Superior Court alone. Without a verbatim recording of what happened, defendants struggle to protect their rights.
State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley won’t run for re-election in 2025, giving conservatives a better shot at regaining their majority. Bradley was first elected to the court in 1995.
A former federal judge explains why courts aren’t the fastest or clearest way to solve election disputes.
Thirty-two lawsuits now target fossil fuel companies over climate damage.
The Silicon Valley billionaires that are trying to build a utopian city in Solano County, Calif., won a key court decision. A judge refused landowners’ request to throw out a lawsuit accusing them of price fixing.
The Louisiana governor took to Facebook to call for the impeachment of U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan, after comments Morgan made about the rollout of a dedicated State Police troop for New Orleans.
The California state Supreme Court ruled that employers across the state must pay their workers for the time they spend driving to the gates and being searched, as well as when they are required to stay on campus during lunch.
The fight over the procedure will come to a head in the November election. A proposed ballot initiative would add abortion protections to the state constitution, while two open state Supreme Court seats are up.
A total of 10 corporate investment companies own approximately 20 percent of single-family rentals in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Eight of the companies have eviction rates far outpacing the county’s average.
Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill that provides legal immunity to doctors and patients undergoing IVF treatment. However, the new law does not address the state Supreme Court’s recent ruling that frozen embryos are considered people.