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California leaders have threatened to prosecute Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for kidnapping after he sent Latin American migrants to Sacramento. But experts believe the allegations aren’t a basis for a criminal case.
Two former Republican governors are already running and a handful more could still announce their candidacy. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence will make political ads even worse and does the Supreme Court even care about corruption?
The public expects better from the highest court in the land and has lost trust in the judicial branch as much as the others. Our resident humanities scholar asks, who will save us from our guardians?
Judges at the state and federal levels are becoming more nakedly partisan, ruling in ways that reflect not careful contemplation but the desire for particular policy outcomes.
The first-of-its-kind case considers whether police can legally issue search warrants that require Google to turn over user account information based on particular keywords within a specific time frame.
Only a few states require judges to sit out cases involving their campaign contributors. The Wisconsin Supreme Court's new liberal majority has expressed support for strengthening recusal rules. Will other states follow its lead?
The state’s Community Affairs Committee approved a bill that would allow people to file lawsuits if they believe they have “lost history” or the ability to teach about the past because of a monument’s removal or damage.
Everyone in the criminal justice system — sheriffs, prosecutors, judges, parole boards — has enormous discretion. Some lawmakers believe that authority is now being abused.
It's worked before. During a 10-year prohibition, researchers calculated that the risk of a person in the U.S. dying in a mass shooting was 70 percent lower during the period in which the assault weapons ban was active.
The two bills come as the centerpiece of the state’s efforts to crack down on progressive criminal justice policies in Texas’ big cities. The bill would go after officials who won’t prosecute cases related to abortion or gender-affirming care.
The agency has forgiven billions of dollars in student loans for borrowers whose schools closed before they finished their degrees, as part of an Obama-era program. Biden’s debt relief plan still awaits a decision from the Supreme Court.
A federal judge overturned the prior age restriction allowing adults as young as 18 to carry licensed concealed handguns on public university campuses, into some businesses and across state lines.
Nearly 70 cities and counties across the nation have banned abortion in the past few years as conservative activists hope that legal battles will drive the abortion issue to the Supreme Court for review and, eventually, a federal ban.
An estimated 130,000 Pennsylvania workers get illegally cheated out of pay by their bosses every week, but many workers don’t ever take action to recover the funds, and, for those that do, it can take years.
Nearly 1.2 million residents applied or were automatically eligible to receive student loan forgiveness under the Biden administration’s relief plan. The forgiveness plan is currently on hold by a court ruling.
The real problem is that being a big-city mayor during the pandemic was a no-win proposition. Meanwhile, the race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat has already cost more than $10 million and special elections are likely to be nastier and more expensive than before.