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Plano's Jobs Mayor: Cars, Planes, and Throwing Boxes

Haitian born mayor Harry LaRosiliere is now serving his second term of a city of a quarter million people, which has attracted the likes of Toyota, FedEx, and Boeing.



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Harry LaRosiliere knew he would be a mayor 20 years before it happened. Today he is serving his second term as mayor of Plano, Texas. LaRosiliere comes from humble beginnings. Born in Haiti, he moved with his family to New York as a child where his mother cleaned office buildings and his father worked in a factory. Running for mayor was a “calling,” LaRosiliere says, born out of a desire to effect positive change in his community.

First elected Plano mayor in 2003, LaRosiliere has prioritized economic development in leading the mid-size city of 250,000 people. The city’s efforts to attract businesses have brought new offices from Toyota, FedEx, Boeing, in addition to about 40,000 jobs. Like any leader, LaRosiliere has experienced tough moments. Part of his success is making community decisions with intention and standing up for his values.

Hear more from LaRosiliere on this episode of "In the Arena."


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