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California Bay Bridge

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge usually carries 260,000 vehicles a day between its namesake cities. Opened in 1936, it features one of the longest spans in the country and its newest section holds the world record for widest bridge. The toll for cars can be as much as $7. Annual toll collections amount to well over $200 million. (All photos courtesy of Planet Labs Inc.)


February 19, 2020


March 16, 2020

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Despite President Trump’s efforts to sow doubts about the election system, officials in Kansas and Missouri are clarifying the ways in which people may vote on or before Nov. 3. None of them include voting twice.

By joining with the county, Houston hopes to save resources by keeping low-level offenders out of jail. Reform advocates see it as a move against police brutality, but not everyone agrees it’s progress.

It's not enough to be grateful to those who are helping us get through a tough time. We need policies that value the work they do and give them the opportunity to move up economically.

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