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Publisher's Note: Governing Magazine Returns to Print

Following a five-year hiatus, Governing is again producing a print magazine.

Governing Magazine Cover April 2024 Edition
There isn’t a state in the nation that has enough housing. The country as a whole is more than 2 million units short of where we need to be. More than 12 million households are spending in excess of half their total income on rent. That’s an unsustainably high cost. And this is a problem not only for all states but in every corner of each state, whether urban, suburban or rural.

For these reasons, state lawmakers are getting involved in housing more than they’ve ever done before. They’re no longer content to leave this issue to individual cities and counties to figure out. There’s no magic bullet, but you’ll get a good sense of the kind of proposals that are gaining traction by reading Jared Brey’s feature.

Our new magazine is filled with this kind of information — the best ideas being tried out by state and local leaders to address many of the most challenging issues of our time: from states making the transition to clean energy to workforce shortages in education, from efforts to keep veterans out of prison to a small city that’s managed to reinvent its economy.

Thumbing through our Spring issue, you’ll come across actionable ideas to address problems within your own jurisdictions — and to seize opportunities — as well as other pieces of information that may well surprise you.

For more than 30 years, Governing had a rich history of producing print magazines that were designed as helpful tools for state and local leaders. Back in 2019, we went web-only. That was the reality of the economics of print publishing. We have continued producing and presenting quality journalism on a daily basis at, but this is our first print edition in nearly five years.

I could not be more excited. We know that our readers have missed reading these stories on paper and, more importantly, having our best work — which in turn reflects the best efforts of our most innovative government officials — readily available to hand.

We’re all presented daily with torrents of information. For our inaugural return issue, we have selected stories we believe will continue to interest and inform you for weeks and months to come.

Editor's Note: This article appears in Governing's Spring 2024 magazine. You can subscribe here.
CEO of e.Republic and publisher of Governing.
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