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The Man of Tomorrow: As Jerry Brown Leaves Office, He's Still Focused on the Future

BY Alan Greenblatt

Unlike most politicians, California's outgoing governor has made planning ahead a staple of his leadership -- even if it means going against his own party.



Offshore Wind Could Be the Next Big Breakthrough in Renewable Energy

After decades of false starts, turbines are starting to turn in several coastal states. BY

Tulsa Struggles to Make Amends for a Massacre It Ignored for Nearly a Century

The Oklahoma city's "Black Wall Street" was one of the richest African-American neighborhoods in the country. Then whites burned it to the ground. BY

To Get Rid of Blight, Baltimore Tries Something New

The city, which has more empty and dilapidated houses than most, is making buyers prove that they can afford to purchase a home -- and to fix it up. BY

How a Tiny Office in Ohio Is Transforming Health Care

Some say John Kasich is "the first governor who has been able to move the private sector to really participate in health-care reform." BY



All of the Above? The Ancient Voting Method One City Might Adopt

Advocates say "approval voting," which has never been used in electoral politics, offers voters more flexibility. BY

Crime Victims' Rights Added to Several States' Constitutions

Supporters of so-called Marsy's Law hope eventually to amend the U.S. Constitution. BY

With 2020 Census Looming, Governments Face Many Unknowns

Uncertainties about resources, and a question about residents' citizenship status, are making localities more nervous than usual about not counting people. BY

State Tax Breaks Are Hurting Chicago's Suburbs

While some homeowners are now paying nothing in property taxes, businesses and local governments are feeling the pinch. BY

When Citizen Engagement Becomes Too Much

Politicians say they want citizens to be involved. But it can make things harder to achieve. BY

A Crisis in Motion: America's Transportation Dilemma

Federal policy, and other factors, are disrupting efforts to improve transit and forcing urban planners to make tough choices. BY



Why Are So Many Government Projects Late and Over Budget?

Ironically, it can happen because managers skip steps in an effort to go faster. BY
On Leadership

In Government, There's a Big Difference Between Power and Leadership

Anyone can learn to lead. Not everyone has the courage to do it. BY

How 'Opportunity Zones' Could Transform Communities

The new federal program could lure fresh investment to distressed areas. But the clock is ticking. BY

Privatization or Not, Governments' Responsibilities Never End

A bridge collapse in Italy shows the complexity that arises when private companies manage public assets. BY

Treating Childhood Trauma Becoming a Public Policy Priority

States and cities are trying to use science to create better policies and programs. New federal foster care rules are complicating their efforts. BY

Renewable Energy Is Growing Faster Than Many Experts Expected

It's leading an increasing number of state and local governments to commit to 100 percent clean energy goals. BY

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