New Mexico Creates App to Reduce DUIs

The state has unveiled a new smartphone application, ENDWI, that has a suite of features to promote responsible drinking.
by , | October 1, 2012 AT 8:00 PM

A recent New Mexico Department of Transportation study showed that nearly 60 percent of all DWI fatalities on the state's roads in 2011 involved repeat offenders. In response the state recently unveiled a new smartphone app, ENDWI, that it hopes will help reduce the number of DWI-related deaths. The app is available for free and includes a host of features aimed at keeping drunk drivers off the road. Users can create a quick contact list of family and friends who can be called for rides or locate and call the nearest cab company without having to search for a number. The app also features two games that test response time to make the user more aware of their impairment and a blood alcohol content guide that makes estimates based on the number and type of drinks consumed. The state also plans to release an iPhone version of the app.