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“I felt stirred to speak today as a father, as a bartender, as an American.”

Wisconsin state Rep. Ryan Clancy, in a light-hearted speech regarding a resolution that would make a brandy old fashioned cocktail the official state cocktail. The resolution passed on Thursday. (Associated Press — Nov. 10, 2023)

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  • Paloma Wu, a Mississippi Center for Justice attorney who filed one of the two lawsuits to keep polling places open later than usual in Hinds County after some polling places ran out of ballots and voters had to wait for them to be restocked during Tuesday’s election. One precinct in Clinton had 100 people in line but only 14 ballots left at 6:45 p.m., while another ran out of ballots three times throughout the day but only received 100 more each time. At one precinct in Byram, there were no ballots for two hours, and at another, voters were told to leave because the precinct would not receive more ballots and the poll workers would not allow voting by affidavit ballot. (Associated Press — Nov. 8, 2023)
  • Nadia Mohamed, regarding her victory in the St. Louis Park, Minn., mayoral race on Tuesday evening; she is believed to be the first Somali American mayor in the U.S. Mohamed won with 58 percent of the vote and had served on the City Council since she was elected at age 23 in 2019. (Associated Press — Nov. 8, 2023)
  • James Scribner, a retired teacher and Marine veteran, regarding the civic duty that many Lewiston, Maine, residents felt to participate in Tuesday’s election less than two weeks after 18 people were killed by a gunman in their city. (Associated Press — Nov. 7, 2023)
  • Lewis County, Ky., Clerk Leslie Collier, regarding the fact that the 500-square-mile county that serves 13,000 people will have only four centralized polling sites for the general election that ends Tuesday. The county allots just $50,000 annually. Lewis County isn’t the only Kentucky county that has had to reduce polling locations; in this year’s race, 64 of the state’s 120 counties have reduced their polling locations to just a few centralized voting centers. Voting rights activists are concerned that consolidating voting locations could disenfranchise voters. (NPR — Nov. 5, 2023)
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