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“I feel lifted up and encouraged that Black talent has been recognized and has an opportunity to come forward.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who was the second Black governor elected in the nation’s history in 2006, regarding the swearing in of Wes Moore as Maryland’s first Black governor on Jan. 18. (Associated Press — Jan. 18, 2023)

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  • Wyoming state Sen. Jim Anderson who introduced SJ0004, a bill to seek to phase out the sale of new electric vehicles by 2035. Not coincidentally, that is the same date set by California and other states to ban the sale of new internal combustion vehicles. (Washington Post — Jan. 17, 2023)
  • West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, regarding his consideration to run for U.S. Senate after his governorship. (Twitter — Jan. 12, 2023)
  • U.S. Rep. George Santos, speaking with reporters about the calls for his resignation amid controversy over his string of false claims about his work and personal background during last year’s election campaign; Santos later clarified that the 142 was referring to the more than 142,000 people who elected him in November. However, as he was walking into his office during a separate exchange with reporters, he said he will not resign. On Jan. 11, more than a dozen Republican officials demanded that the newly elected congressman step down. (Reuters — Jan. 12, 2023)
  • Baltimore Deputy Mayor Faith Leach, regarding squeegee workers in the downtown area. There has been growing debate about these young men washing windshields for cash after a deadly confrontation occurred last summer. On Tuesday, Jan. 10, the city’s police department launched a new program that would allow officers to issue panhandling citations in six zones where squeegee work is most common, but many argue that the workers are simply trying to survive under difficult circumstances and systemic issues facing the Black community. (Associated Press — Jan. 10, 2023)
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