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“He should be sitting in the back row and staying quiet instead of parading in front of the president and people coming into the room.”

U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, regarding his displeasure at Rep. George Santos’ behavior at the State of the Union on Tuesday night, given the fact that Santos is under an ethics investigation concerning questions about the freshman lawmaker’s biography and campaign finances. (NPR — Feb. 8, 2023)

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  • Alvin Davis, a former lieutenant in charge of recruiting for the Memphis police department, regarding the growing desperation to fill positions in recent years that has driven the department to lowering its standards and increasing hiring incentives. The department will offer new recruits a $15,000 signing bonus and $10,000 in relocation allowances and the only requirement currently is two years’ work experience of any kind. (Associated Press — Feb. 7, 2023)
  • Michele Eberle, the executive director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, regarding the number of state residents who may lose their Medicaid coverage this spring as the federal government reinstates a pre-COVID requirement. Nationally, Medicaid enrollment ballooned during the pandemic to about 90 million children and adults, approximately 1 of every 4 Americans. (Associated Press — Feb. 5, 2023)
  • Andrea Zaccardi, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, regarding the Biden administration’s first steps towards ending federal protections for grizzly bears in the northern Rocky Mountains, which would open the door to future hunting in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Officials in those states have insisted that any future hunts of grizzly bears would be limited and not endanger the overall population. Several environmental groups, including the Center for Biological Diversity, have said that delisting the animal wasn’t based on sound science and that federal protections should be kept in place. (Associated Press — Feb. 3, 2023)
  • U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, regarding a bill that would direct the Federal Trade Commission to create rules that ban the marketing of firearms to children. The gun manufacturer Wee 1 Tactical has said that its JR-15 was designed to allow adults to safely introduce shooting and hunting sports to the next generation. (Reuters — Feb. 2, 2023)
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