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“Georgia has not reached the point where the political process has equal openness and equal opportunity for everyone."

U.S. District Court Judge Steve Jones, in his 516-page ruling that Georgia’s congressional and state legislative districts must be redrawn before the 2024 election for violating the federal Voting Rights Act and diluting the voting power of Black voters. Jones ordered state lawmakers to redraw the maps by Dec. 8. (NPR — Oct. 26, 2023)

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  • Robert Jones, CEO and founder of the Public Religion Research Institute, a nonpartisan group that conducts research on the intersection of politics, culture and religion, regarding a new survey that found that 23 percent of Americans agree that “Because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country.” The report also found that three-quarters of Americans agreed that the nation’s democracy is at risk in the 2024 presidential election. (NPR — Oct. 25, 2023)
  • Washington state Sen. Jeff Wilson, regarding his arrest at the Hong Kong airport on Friday evening after packing an unloaded firearm in his carry-on luggage. Wilson realized mid-flight that he packed the handgun in his carry-on and reported it to customs authorities when he landed. He was charged with the possession of an unregistered firearm and was released on Sunday after he posted bail. His office noted that his gun is registered in Washington, but not in Hong Kong. (The Hill — Oct. 24, 2023)
  • NPR Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep, commenting on the new California mandate to teach cursive handwriting in elementary schools, reversing a decision to phase it out more than a decade ago. (NPR, October 23, 2023)
  • Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen, regarding a new program – the Alabama Voter Integrity Database, or AVID - that will use federal data and voting lists from five other states to monitor when voters move, die or illegally vote in two different states in the same election. AVID appears to mimic the bipartisan, cross-state partnership, Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, that the state was a member of until Allen took office. Nine states in all, all of which are Republican-led, have withdrawn from ERIC without a plan to replace the program. (NPR — Oct. 20, 2023)
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