What Would You Say You Do Here?

by none. | October 23, 2019 AT 3:01 AM

A question familiar to fans of the 1999 movie Office Space, an intervening 20 years of Internet memes, and a brand-new podcast from the City of Elgin, Il. The podcast, a brainchild of a former classic rock radio host turned city employee Alex Quigley, profiles some of the 1,000 people behind the 300 job titles on the city payroll. "I want to make sure I get the details, the day to day, of what they're doing, but also who they are," Quigley told the Daily Herald. "It's my job to further humanize our government. It's my job to communicate even more and provide more content. Not just about what the city is doing, what government is doing, but things happening in the city. Elgin is a big city and we have a lot going on." (Daily Herald – October 21, 2019)