At least in the worst-case scenario I have a gas-based generator for my house and for possible charging of my car.

by none. | October 11, 2019 AT 3:01 AM

Chad Dunbar, a resident of Petaluma, Calif., who works in IT in local government, told the Washington Post he bought gasoline-powered generators as a backup to charge his Tesla Model 3. For its part, “the electric automaker issued a preemptive over-the-air advisory overnight to many vehicle owners, telling them to charge up ahead of the planned outages, which utility Pacific Gas & Electric began rolling out Wednesday to try to lessen the risk of wildfires.” In a Twitter post headlined “Stay Fully Charged, a message from the company read “We recommend charging your Tesla to 100% today to ensure your drive remains uninterrupted.” A consumer tech site adds that “even in a blackout, gasoline stations cannot operate, either. Where the problem gets trickier is an EV's range limitations compared with a tank of gasoline, and the sheer abundance of fuel pumps compared with charging stations.” (c|net – October 10, 2019)