Cleveland: Building Bandwidth for Contracting

The city of Cleveland is a finalist for this year’s City Accelerator project, which is focused on helping cities promote economic equity.
by The city of Cleveland | May 1, 2019 AT 10:00 AM
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The city of Cleveland is a finalist for this year's City Accelerator project, which is focused on helping cities promote economic equity.

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What is the city proposing?

A strong agenda of equity has always been the foundation of Mayor Jackson’s agenda and this opportunity will enable the Office of Equal Opportunity to support building the bandwidth of the contracting community through the City’s CGI Vendor Self Service System (VSS) (oversight by the Division of Purchases and Supplies) and the Small Contractor’s Rotation Program (SCRP). Both will assist in providing contractors with growth opportunities and becoming more competitive in the marketplace as capacity and bandwidth are expanded.


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Tania Menesse

On: 05-22-2019

Building the Capacity of contractors in Cleveland is the key to building wealth and addressing inequities in the development landscape. Expanding qualified contractors is also critical to repairing and rehabilitating the City's housing stock.

Denita Bonhart

On: 05-17-2019

This is an outstanding strategic plan to ensure equity, inclusion and diversity while strengthening the local economy.


On: 05-16-2019

Congratulations to the Project Team on this proposal that provides contractors with great opportunities for growth and assistance with remaining competitive. The improvement in access for contractors via the vendor self serve portal, as well as the rotation and other support will benefit small contractors.


On: 05-16-2019

What a quality proposal and plan to include everyone at the table!


On: 05-16-2019

This is a wonderful way to build economic equity from the ground-floor up!

Dan Williams

On: 05-16-2019

What a great opportunity for Cleveland. This is a strategic look and plan for the future of our economic success here in Cleveland.


On: 05-16-2019

The City of Cleveland is a real leader at the intersection of equity and contracting. This award would only take them to the next level!


On: 05-16-2019

This is a fantastic opportunity for the City of Cleveland! Hoping the City is selected!

Kevin S Schmotzer

On: 05-16-2019

This is a great strategic plan to build upon and strengthen economic equity & inclusion while making sure the public private partnership is a streamlined and efficient process! Well done!

Robin Brown

On: 05-15-2019

Great Plan! Assisting contractors via the VSS and SCRP is a great idea that will allow businesses to be more competitive!

Deborah Midgett

On: 05-14-2019

Outstanding Great Job City of Cleveland

Barbara Esperon

On: 05-14-2019

Allowing potential bidders to access to information via the self serve system is a great idea. This would provide them faster access to information. The small contractor rotation program would help vendors get smaller projects which would help their business grow as they get experience.


On: 05-14-2019

I think the City of Cleveland has a great plan. Providing small businesses with the opportunity to grow will generate more money and jobs. Which will hopefully begin to lower the poverty rate and attract people back to the city. In addition, the VSS program is a must if you don't stay up to date on the new technologies you will fall behind and lose business.

John Dunham

On: 05-09-2019

The hallmark of a great society is not in the strength of its sports teams nor in its finances and/or power, but rather in its ability to take care of its weak, under-served and elderly--You are on your way Cleveland!