Baltimore: Academy for Sub Contractors

The city of Baltimore is a finalist for this year’s City Accelerator project, which is focused on helping cities promote economic equity.
by The city of Baltimore | May 1, 2019 AT 10:00 AM
(124 ratings)

The city of Baltimore is a finalist for this year's City Accelerator project, which is focused on helping cities promote economic equity.

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What is the city proposing?

Baltimore will create a “sub academy” to train a cohort of subcontractors to use city resources, apply for bids, and improve their general business practices. If this model is successful, they will expand it into a series of “sub academies” for broad categories of subcontractor work, each timed to take place leading up to a contract re-bidding.


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R Kaplan

On: 06-05-2019

Terrific plan that will benefit all constituencies


On: 06-04-2019

Good people doing good work

Neal Borden

On: 05-29-2019

This could help our city in many ways, and we could really benefit from it.

Daniel Kohn, M.D.

On: 05-29-2019

Harnessing the human potential of Baltimore benefits everyone, and serves as a model to motivate and innovate.

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld

On: 05-29-2019

Sounds like an amazing project that could really help to improve the quality of life in Baltimore, MD!

Sidney Fuchs

On: 05-29-2019

This will be great for Baltimore.

Jon FW

On: 05-28-2019

This is a good plan for Baltimore and a great opportunity and resource for local subcontractors to build their businesses while helping the city.

Bob Natt

On: 05-28-2019

Just what Baltimore needs.

George Ganak

On: 05-28-2019

This is a great opportunity for Baltimore and the other cities to encourage more local contractors and save money in the process.


On: 05-28-2019

Baltimore needs to do more to encourage small business owners, like subcontractors, to thrive in our city. This will help.

Joe Nathanson

On: 05-28-2019

A worthy project.


On: 05-19-2019

I'd love to this plan come to life!


On: 05-19-2019

A stellar plan!

Robert Robinson

On: 05-14-2019

This is civic capacity building. Good plan.

David Saunders

On: 05-10-2019

An important project for the City of Baltimore. Promises to bring new skills and capabilities to local small businesses.

John Dunham

On: 05-09-2019

The hallmark of a great society is not in the strength of its sports teams nor in its finances and/or power, but rather in its ability to take care of its weak, under-served and elderly--Good stuff!


On: 05-09-2019

Let’s do it!

Sterling Johnson

On: 05-07-2019

Great proposal!


On: 05-06-2019


Wes Hairston

On: 05-06-2019

The only way to move OUR City forward is to take advantage of every viable option to equitably include all it’s citizens in economic development and growth. This effort is appreciated and applauded!

Priscilla Kane

On: 05-05-2019

A fantastic model!


On: 05-05-2019

As someone moving to Baltimore this fall, I’m excited the city is trying to implement ideas like this to move the city forward!


On: 05-05-2019

Well thought out


On: 05-05-2019



On: 05-05-2019



On: 05-05-2019

Great interactive dashboard!

Dane Sehnert

On: 05-05-2019

This will be great for the city!


On: 05-04-2019

We are moving forward


On: 05-04-2019

Innovative and important work

Gabriel Y.

On: 05-04-2019

I love my city! This is a diverse, vibrant, and beautiful coastal city by the Chesapeake Bay!

Paul E. Taylor

On: 05-03-2019

Cities are charged with distributing it's resources equitably and responsibly to all citizens in it footprint. Baltimore is committed to this mission. Equitable economic development starts with our outreach and education to citizen who desire to bid and provide services to city agencies. We look forward to projects like this.

Kathy VanOrden

On: 05-03-2019

Heck yes! Bmore deserves it!!

Keasha L. Brown

On: 05-03-2019

ditto comment

Keasha L. Brown

On: 05-03-2019

Great opportunity to keep moving forward. Extremely excited for the City of Baltimore!

Brendan Hellweg

On: 05-03-2019

Our work here is all about making Baltimore a more equitable city. We've already done a lot to improve our payment processes and strengthen the city's ability to support small minority- and woman-owned businesses, and we're excited to achieve even more. Thank you!

Ekua MaLonde

On: 05-02-2019

I highly recommend this exemplary model. This is the way to move Baltimore forward!