Neal Peirce  |  Contributor

Neal Peirce, who died Dec. 27, 2019, had been a Washington, D.C.-based journalist since 1960, working first as Congressional Quarterly's political editor. He was then a founder of National Journal magazine, wrote a series of nine books on "people, politics and power" in the individual states and regions of the United States, and formed the Citistates Group, which researched and wrote in-depth analyses of issues facing 25 metropolitan regions across the country.

Peirce also authored the United States' first nationally syndicated newspaper column focused on cities and states. He was the lead author of "Century of the City: No Time To Lose," based on the Rockefeller Foundation's 2007 Global Urban Summit in Bellagio, Italy, and then became founder and editor of Citiscope, an online news service that provides coverage, commentary and analysis of innovation and the future of cities worldwide and in 2018 became part of Place, published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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