Dan Carol is senior adviser at Georgetown University's Beeck Center for Social Innovation + Impact. A co-founder of Infrastructure Week, Carol has extensive experience in government at all levels, most recently as the first director of the Oregon Governor’s Office of Multi-State Initiatives. He also led the efforts to create the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange.

Outside of government, Carol led CTSG, an online civic-engagement and software company, co-founded two clean-energy acceleration groups, and served as strategic adviser to the Wireless Data Forum. He has served as a Presidential Management Fellow, a member of the Clinton Global initiative, and senior campaign adviser to the Clinton-Gore 1992 and Obama-Biden 2008 campaigns.

He received his master's degree in regional planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

May 31, 2016

Why We Should Put CFOs in the Infrastructure Driver's Seat

As stewards of public spending, they are best positioned to help us invest effectively