Republicans did well in congressional and gubernatorial contests on Election Night 2014, but they also racked up some victories in other statewide offices.

Republicans won three out of the four competitive lieutenant governor races. Republicans Tim Griffin, Casey Cagle and Mark Hutchison won in Arkansas, Georgia and Nevada, respectively. The only competitive lieutenant governor's race that went the Democrats' way was in Rhode Island.

The GOP also fared well in contests for secretary of state, an office that has become hotly contested due to its role in voting rights issues and ballot-related decisions. Republicans won open seats in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and Nevada. Democrats claimed victories in two open secretary of state contests -- California and Minnesota.

The Democrats had two vulnerable incumbents: one in Massachusetts won, and the other in Wisconsin was leading.

The Republicans were able to re-elect all seven of their vulnerable incumbents in Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico and Ohio.

Finally, Republicans -- and particularly opponents of the national education standards known as Common Core -- swept every competitive two-party race for state school superintendent this year, including several against respected Democrats who had amassed cross-party support from state education figures. Republicans won in Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Wyoming, and appeared to win in Arizona and Idaho.

In California's nonpartisan race, which included two (unofficial) Democrats, Tom Torlakson, considered an ally of teachers’ unions, appears to have narrowly defeated Marshall Tuck, considered an ally of school reformers.