Ousted former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is on the air! Or at least the Internet. Blago will not be silenced!

From the Chicago Sun-Times :

He's not the governor anymore, but that didn't stop Rod Blagojevich from naming a new Web site that's all about him: GovernorRod.com. ...  "Rod Blagojevich needed his own Web site," his publicist, Glenn Selig said. "It was time."

Salivating at the thought of Blagojevich unleashed? Sadly, GovernorRod.com is off to a pretty bland start.

The latest items in the site's "News from Rod" section include an announcement about an addition to Blago's legal team, as well as a statement on the death of the president of the publishing company handling Blagojevich's upcoming book (quelle scandale!).

Even the promising "Lightning Rod" section, in which "Rod tells it like it is," only includes (inexplicably) a couple of FOIA request forms.

Come on, Rod! You used to say such wild things when you were in office -- why stop now that you're freed from the gubernatorial shackles?  Where are your Palinesque rants about "death squads"

Don't let us down, man.