Schweitzer_1 The Hollywood Walk of Fame is going to have to start reserving stars for some state governors. (No, not that one.  Or that one.)

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, joining the growing list of governors-turned-actors, is getting a bit part in a film. Schweitzer plays a sheriff in the movie, which is based on real events in Billings in the 1960s involving the kidnapping of a beloved local children's television puppet. (No, that's not a joke.)

The governor has only 27 words of dialogue in the film -- but they're a good 27:

"Now, let's all just calm down," Schweitzer's character says. "We're in the process of coordinating with other law enforcement agencies."

"Dammit, Clovie, we're not equipped to handle something this big," Schweitzer says [to a pregnant lady!] in his other line.