Logo_1 If you're reading this post on a bar's wi-fi connection in Austin, you might want to put down that beer.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has been cracking down hard on bar patrons who are exceedingly drunk. Through sting operations at watering holes around the state, TABC officers are nabbing drinkers who've tossed back a few too many, with the idea that the operation will cut down on drunk driving.

But...over 2,200 Texans have been arrested or given citations since August. That's causing an outcry from state tourism officials, some lawmakers and the public (and blogs), who think the sting operations---as well as arresting drinkers while they're still in the bars---are giving the Lone Star State a bad rap and soiling Texas' hard-drinking image.

The TABC says it will continue the program, but is looking into the complaints. In the meantime, don't get roostered, waddy---or you could find yerself lightin' a shuck fer the hoosegow. (Um, here.)