Should Philadelphia Be Grateful to its Hipsters?

Hipsters are said to be dying, but they might just be evolving.
October 14, 2013

People say the hipster is dying. The skinny-jeans-wearing, flannel-loving, old-Schwinn-riding, coffee-drinking bohemian has reached his and her plateau and is gradually making the evolutionary walk into middle-aged normalcy.

Many people are happy about this. Hipsters have not been welcomed into society with open arms. In fact, many people in Philadelphia seem to hate them with a passion normally reserved for Cowboys fans. For the most part, I like them. Not only that, but as a disgruntled Philadelphian tired of the crime, traffic, parking, politics as usual, and an education system that depends on lotteries and donations, I want them to hang around a few more decades. If we want to make our city better, we need more hipsters in Philadelphia.