What Did Nebraska Legislature Do in 2014?

April 18, 2014

By Martha Stoddard

The Nebraska Legislature wraps up a busy, yet often rancorous and frustrating, session today. Here's a checklist of major legislation passed, and not passed, this year.

Taxing matters

Done: Indexed state income tax brackets for inflation.

Done: Increased state-funded property tax credits.

Done: Exempted agricultural machinery repair parts from sales tax.

Done: Approved limited tax exemptions for military retirement and Social Security income.

Not done: Eliminated inheritance and income taxes.

Not done: Exempted all military retirement and Social Security income from taxes.

Not done: Lowered property valuations on agricultural land.

Making the grade

Done: Established a state intervention system for struggling schools.

Done: Increased funding to start early childhood education programs.

Done: Eased truancy laws.

Not done: Allowed teachers and others to carry guns in schools.

Not done: Approved publicly funded charter schools.

Kids and families

Done: Banned minors from buying and using nicotine in electronic cigarettes.

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