Virginia Legislature Hasn't Been Able to Override Any of Governor’s Vetoes

April 24, 2014

The Virginia General Assembly failed to override any of Gov. Terry McAuliffe's vetoes but rejected more than a dozen of his amendments Wednesday in a session that put the partisan gulf between the GOP-dominated House and the Democratic governor on vivid display.

The House had the muscle to overcome one of the governor’s vetoes, on a bill related to red-light cameras and sponsored by the lone General Assembly Democrat who has bucked McAuliffe on his top priority — expanding Medicaid. But the Senate did not, so the veto stands.

The General Assembly returned to the Capitol for its annual “veto session” to consider the 60 bills McAuliffe amended and four of the five he had vetoed. (The fifth veto had been sustained during the regular session.) It took no action on the overdue state budget, which has been deadlocked by an impasse over Medicaid.

But rancor over the budget and Medicaid spilled over into Wednesday’s work in floor speeches and Republican claims that the governor had vetoed the red-light bill to retaliate against the Democrat who opposed expansion. They also said McAuliffe had made some amendments with the aim of pressuring GOP lawmakers on the budget.

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