Nebraska's New Tourism Campaign: Nebraska Nice

May 8, 2014

The possibilities were endless when Nebraska set out to dust off its tourism brand.

Boiling down nine months of research — including surveys and interviews with more than 3,500 people in a $75,000 initiative — the Nebraska Tourism Commission says it found the essence of the state.

Nebraska Nice.

This new two-word tourism brand will be used in a “Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice.'' marketing and promotional campaign launching across Nebraska and the nation next week. The commission unveiled the brand Wednesday during a meeting in Mullen.

Nebraska Tourism Commission Director Kathy McKillip said the new brand is more than a symbol or slogan. It will guide the tourism industry's initiatives to promote Nebraska as a destination.

Nebraska Nice has a dual meaning, she said. It's not only about Nebraskans being nice to visitors and each other, it's also a reference to the nice moments that make the best vacations memorable and special. It's about the special moment that is talked about for years to come.