Kansas School Finance Law Makes it Easier to Fire Teachers

May 13, 2014

Gov. Sam Brownback signed a controversial school finance bill Monday that sends million of dollars to schools but also ends mandatory due process hearings before experienced teachers can be fired.

The bill also allows school districts to hire unlicensed teachers for science and math classes. And it creates a tax break for corporations that donate to private school scholarship funds.

“This is a win for Kansas students. This is a win for parents. … And it’s a win for property taxpayers,” Brownback said moments before signing House Bill 2506. “This is some of the most significant reforms we’ve seen for several years in the state.”

The bill is the Legislature’s response to a state Supreme Court order to fix inequities in funding among school districts before July 1. It allocates $129 million to close gaps in the capital outlay fund and the local option budget fund, drawn from local property taxes.

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