Iowa State Senator Refuses to Show Up at State House Anymore

April 7, 2014

State Sen. Hubert Houser left the Iowa Statehouse a month ago, and he doesn't want to come back.

Houser, 71, a farmer from Carson in southwest Iowa, says his health is fine. He isn't angry at Democrats or his fellow Republicans, either.

It's just that after 42 years of public service, including the past 22 years in the House and Senate, he's had enough. In addition, as a minority Senate caucus member, Houser says his vote isn't needed to pass any legislation, and he isn't playing any significant role in writing any bills this session.

Houser told The Des Moines Register he will return to the Statehouse for a day or two to help Senate Republicans as the 2014 session winds up. But otherwise, his legislative career is finished, although Secretary of the Senate Michael Marshall confirmed last week that Houser is still a state senator and remains on the state payroll. Houser is not running for re-election this fall.

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